The Look for Less: Foundrae

September 22, 2022

An American jewelry line established in New York City by Beth Bugdaycay and Murat Bugdaycay. Foundrae embodies the tenets of self-expression using quality materials to showcase the wearer’s story in a personal way. Foundrae treasures old-school artisanship. The collection includes custom engraved pieces, medallions, bracelets, and rings all exhibiting symbols of balance, simplicity, and elegance in a true art form. Channel your inner gypsy wanderlust with pieces inspired by nature and zodiac elements. Build your fine jewelry collection to include Foundrae pieces to add the perfect sentimental touch to any layered look.

Over the last year, gold jewelry has been especially popular – notably gold coin lariats.

Personally, I think that Foundrae owns this style. With its array of charms and sizes, this brand has built a highly coveted line of fine jewelry. However, it comes with a not-so-favorable price tag and is most definitely an investment. Check out Ylang23, located in Preston Center, to shop Foundrae.

If you want the same look, but want to spend less – here are my three favorite Foundrae lariat dupes:

1.Foundrae 18K YG Transformation Medallion Pendant / $3295


2.foundrae 18k yg Per Aspera Ad Astra sealed gem medallion



3.10k Starburst Diamond & Crystal Gothic Old English Initial S Heart Very Foundrae


4.FOUNDRAE 18K Yellow Gold Radiating Spade Medallion on Mixed Clip Bracelet


5.18K Gold Compass Pendant Necklace

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